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A solicitor or conveyancer is required whenever you arrange a mortgage, whether it be for a purchase, sale or remortgage.

For a purchase the solicitor arranges for searches to be carried out to check on any local planning issues that could affect the value of the property. A contract is then prepared, which if leasehold will include details of the lease and financial management of the property. If the contract is then acceptable, all parties sign it and once everybody in the chain is ready, contracts are exchanged and a completion date is agreed. On completion day the solicitor forwards on the purchase monies to the vendor’s solicitor (once received from you and the lender) and arranges for the keys to be released to you.

In addition to acting for you in the above, the solicitor also acts for the lender, to ensure that the lender has good title over the property, should they ever have to issue proceedings to repossess the property.

With a re-mortgage a number of the steps above are missed out, as there is no purchase element to the transaction. Often lenders will provide a solicitor free of charge for a remortgage, but remember the solicitor acts solely for the lender in these circumstances and will not advise you.

You may have a solicitor already, but if you do not you may like to access our preferred solicitor panel (the panel is run and maintained by IFA Conveyancing). This panel brings together a large number of independent solicitors for you to choose from, and you can choose based on price, geographical location or previous customer rating. The solicitors on this panel offer excellent value for money, as well as online case tracking and text updates to you. Please remember that in no way are Davidson Deem Ltd recommending any particular solicitor firm on the panel.

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