Why Do We Charge A Fee?

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Services You Will Receive

As part of our enhanced service package, we will also provide the following:

  • Out of hours access to the highly experienced advisors and the Directors of the company
  • Regular updates on your application by email at least every 3 days
  • Technology driven offering such as video conferencing, digital signatures, secure uploading of documents facility and more
  • Proactively, liaising with solicitors and estate agents
  • Assisting with completing Help to Buy applications for you if/when applicable
  • Reduce our Carbon Footprint, we have teamed up with the approved tree planting service, Just One Tree, who will plant 5 trees around the world for each completed mortgage or re-mortgage that we complete!

What is the Fee that We Charge?

We have set our fee to £400. This is only payable once we get you a formal mortgage, offer from a lender. If we cannot get you a mortgage, we guarantee to not charge you a fee.

As well as this, we may also arrange a new rate for you with your current lender. This is commonly known as a product transfer and as there is less work involved in this, we will not charge you a fee.

First Time Buyer Discount

We also acknowledge that being a first-time buyer is both daunting and expensive. So, if either applicant is a first-time buyer, we will reduce this fee by 50% to £200.

Referral Scheme

Finally, for each new client you introduce, if they go on to complete a mortgage through us, we will reduce the fee by £100. Four successful introductions could mean no fee at all! Please ask for more details.