Mortgages for Doctors

When it comes to applying for a mortgage as a doctor, we understand that it can be quite difficult to find one that specifically suits your needs. Here at Davidson Deem, we pride ourselves in finding clients the best available mortgage products for doctors. With years of industry experience, we guarantee to consider all your needs with our efficient and stress-free application process.

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Specialist Mortgages for Doctors

With fixed term contracts, fluctuating salaries, irregular working patterns and frequent changes to working locations, it can be extremely difficult to get a mortgage as a salaried doctor in the UK. The tune is no different if you are self-employed GP. Lenders don’t understand practice accounts, they often ask for 3 years history of earnings, and recently they have even asked about the effects of Covid19 on your profit! Consequently, you often won’t meet the usual requirements for a standard high-street mortgage lender.

Whether you are fully qualified or in the early years of your training, our mortgages will be sure to suit all your needs. We have the in-depth knowledge that allows us to approach more flexible high street lenders. Because of this, we can give you the best outcome for your mortgage expectations.


If you are early in your medical career, we can potentially arrange mortgages that are 5.5 times your income up to a maximum loan to value of 90%, as well as a maximum loan to value of 95% on standard income criteria. These are great enhancements in comparison to the standard criteria mortgage lenders offer where they will usually only lend 4.75 times your income up to 85% loan to value and 4.5 times your income above this.


When you use our services, our small, dedicated team will help you throughout the entire transaction. This means you have familiarity all the way through the mortgage process and if you want to use our services again years down the line This is extremely important as it allows you to build up a level of trust as well as a strong relationship with us.

We understand that applying for a mortgage and using a specialist mortgage broker can be quite expensive. That is why Davidson Deem focus greatly on providing high-quality solutions at a reasonable price. We have set our fee to £400. This is only payable once we obtain a formal mortgage offer from a lender. If we cannot get you a mortgage, we won't charge you a fee. Check out our other discounts, schemes and more information on our fees today!

Mortgages for Doctors UK

With years of experience, our team can help to secure the best mortgage for you. If you are looking for a professional mortgage for doctors, contact us on 01202 884111 today.


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