Professionals and High Net Worth Clients

We at Davidson Deem specialise in mortgages for professionals and high net worth clients. We have particularly detailed knowledge of the following sectors:

high net worth mortgages

Mortgages for Professionals

  • Medical (employed, including fixed term contracts)
  • Medical (self-employed, e.g., GP, locum work or private practice)
  • Legal (qualified and trainee)
  • Vets
  • Accountants
  • Teachers
  • Clients with large value assets and investments
  • Company Directors with ‘undrawn’ profits in their companies
  • Customers with income over £100,000 pa
  • Interest only mortgages (under certain criteria)

When visiting a lender direct, the above clients often come up against numerous barriers from lenders and a ‘computer says no’ attitude.

We at Davidson Deem have access to underwriters at High Street Banks who have a greater understanding and flexibility when it comes to professionals and high net worth clients, meaning you can often obtain a higher mortgage than you could direct, or indeed get a mortgage where it initially appeared you could not.

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