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When it comes to applying for a doctor's mortgage, we understand that it can be quite difficult to find one that specifically suits your needs. Here at Davidson Deem, we pride ourselves in supporting clients with some of the best mortgages for doctors the UK has to offer! With years of industry experience, we guarantee to consider all your needs with our efficient and stress-free application process.

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Mortgages for Doctors UK

With fluctuating salaries, irregular work patterns and frequent changes to working locations, it can be extremely difficult to obtain a mortgage as a doctor in the UK. This is because these factors can be seen as complex, unpredictable and quite often won't meet the usual requirements for a standard high-street mortgage lender.

Whether you are fully-qualified or a trainee doctor, the mortgages we can access will be sure to suit all your needs. Here at Davidson Deem, we have a range of connections that allow us to approach more flexible lenders. Because of this, we can give you the best outcome for your mortgage expectations.

Special Mortgage Brokers

We offer specialist mortgage deals that can provide you with mortgages that are 5.5 times your income, or with a maximum loan to value ratio of 95% for newly qualified doctors. These are great benefits in comparison to standard mortgages. This is because the average person will usually only be able to borrow maximum of 4-4.5 times their income.

Getting a specialist mortgage broker to find a doctor's mortgage for you can also be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Reliability- A mortgage broker can do all the work for you and relay information between you and the lender
  • Efficiency- Mortgage brokers will be able to quickly and easily find you a deal based on their access to a range of connections
  • Quality- Specialist mortgage brokers are able to find you the best mortgage rates on the market as some lenders will only provide the best deals to mortgage brokers
  • Relieving- Brokers can reduce stress levels by giving you more time and freedom to focus on other things
  • Money Saving- Specialist brokers can help you save money on fees as they already have the knowledge and experience needed to know how much is required for you to pay

How Can We Help?

Here at Davidson Deem, we have years of experience when it comes to securing the best mortgages for doctors and other complex jobs. We pride ourselves on giving excellent quality service to all our clients by providing a personalised and tailored approach to suit any needs.

When you use our services, we will connect you to one mortgage broker that will help you throughout the entire process. Even if you want to use our services again years down the line, you will use the same individual! This is extremely important as it allows you to build up a level of trust as well as a strong relationship.

We understand that applying for a mortgage and using a specialist mortgage broker can be quite expensive. That is why our team at Davidson Deem focus greatly on minimising the cost for our customers by offering a high-quality services at a reasonable cost. Find out more information on our fees, discounts and schemes today!

Mortgages for Doctors at Davidson Deem

Our team always want what’s best for our clients. That is why we are dedicated in providing expert mortgage advice whether you are looking at buying your first home or re-mortgaging. For professional doctor's mortgages, do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 884 111 today!


Yes, we will use the combination of your previous earnings from the NHS and the forecast earnings of the practice to make a personal case to put forward to prospective lenders. In some cases, niche financial lenders may be willing to use other financial records as the base of their mortgage affordability calculations.

Here at Davidson Deem we work with a vast range of mortgage applications and therefore, can make sure that we work with you and your schedule to get your mortgage complete.

If you have literally just qualified as a doctor and have started a position or are about to start a position you may be eligible to get a mortgage. However it may be worth getting in touch with Davidson Deem to discuss your situation. Our specialist mortgage brokers will be able to provide you with more information.

As a trainee or junior doctor, you are likely to be on a low wage, which may prevent you from applying for a mortgage at this time. However, the mortgage lender can sometimes offer a mortgage based on prospective earning. Call Davidson Deem today to discuss your situation with one of our specialist mortgage advisors who will be able to provide you with more information.

Within certain medical professions you may find yourself going from a salaried position to becoming self-employed. When it comes to mortgages for self-employed doctors, our team may be able to find a solution for you. We have connections with a variety of lenders who may offer you a mortgage depending on your situation. For more information, get in touch with one of our experienced mortgage advisors.

Obtaining a mortgage as a doctor on a temporary contract is not normally an issue, as long as you have a couple of months remaining in the contract and there is a likelihood that the contract will get renewed or you’ll get a new contract elsewhere.

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