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We Provide Loans for Healthcare Professionals

Here at Davidson Deem, we specialise in mortgage loans for healthcare professionals. If you are a medical professional looking to apply for a mortgage, Davidson Deem are here to help! Our expert team understand that it can be difficult working in the healthcare industry. That is why it is important to avoid any added stress and with a trustworthy and reliable company like us, we guarantee to provide you with the easiest and most knowledgeable mortgage experience!

About our facilities

At Davidson Deem, we are dedicated in building strong relationships with our customers by giving you the satisfaction you need when it comes to buying your first home! Working in the medical industry can result in refusal from standard mortgage lenders. Due to the everchanging income and irregular working patterns, healthcare workers may not meet the usual requirements. At Davidson Deem, we understand that this can have a great effect on your future. Because of this, we guarantee our expert team can connect you to more flexible mortgage providers. As well as securing the best mortgage for you, Davidson Deem also issue a range of facilities available with our quality loans for medical professionals!

Loans Rates

At Davidson Deem we provide our professional clients with higher loan rates. You could receive up to five and a half times your salary! This is dependent on:

  • Your income
  • The value of the property you are looking to purchase
  • If you have any current credit debt
  • Your credit rating
  • When you qualified

Interest Rates for Professionals

If you are a professional, we can also offer lower interest rates! This, however, depends on the following:

  • How much you consider borrowing
  • The loan to value ratio (LTV)
  • Your credit history
  • The type of mortgage you apply for
  • If you have any current debt

We provide our clients with flexible repayment periods from 5-40 years! This is a huge difference if you were to apply for a normal mortgage and gives you permission to take breaks or make larger repayments as well. This will, in turn, reduce the interest rates and mortgage term!

Our Mortgages for Professionals

Here at Davidson Deem, we supply a range of mortgage choices to best suit our client’s capabilities. For a free fee on expert mortgage advice, contact our team on 01202 884 111 to discuss the best mortgage for you!

Repayment Mortgage

This option is the most popular and closely resembles a traditional mortgage. The interest and capital of the property is paid over the course of the mortgage. This ensures that the applicant is completely mortgage free when their term has ended.

Interest Only Mortgage

This method isn’t as common but is seeing a comeback. Only the standard interest repayment is required. After the term has ended, it is essential for clients to pay back the mortgage in full. This is beneficial for low monthly payments however, using this method can result in increased pay back due to combined interest rate and full payments.

Part Interest and Part Mortgage

This involves paying monthly interest as well as some of the capital during the mortgage period. This can be beneficial if clients are looking for lower monthly repayments. However, applicants will still have to pay back outstanding mortgage balances at the end of their term.

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If you are a healthcare professional looking for the best quality service and advice to easily help you with your first home, contact Davidson Deem today on 01202 884 111! We look forward to hearing from you.