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Getting the best deal on your mortgage can save you a lot of money each month. But finding the best deal is another matter. Davidson Deem are a free online mortgage broker* that can help you navigate the complicated jargon and find the best mortgage for you.

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Your Free Online Mortgage Broker

Searching for the best mortgage can be complicated, often you are faced with confusing terms and hidden fees. But an online mortgage broker can take away these difficulties and make getting you the best mortgage simple. Davidson Deem are a free online mortgage broker* and we pride ourselves on our close relationships with clients, therefore offer the best possible advice.

In most cases Davison Deem will receive a commission from the lender which is why we won’t charge the client. There are some circumstances where Davidson Deem may need to add a fee on top of the commission* but we are always transparent about this so you will always know where you stand with us.

The Advantages of a Free Online Mortgage Broker

Since the recession there has been tighter lending controls and regulations which has made it more difficult to obtain a mortgage. Having a good quality mortgage broker to search through the different deals offered by lenders not only saves you money but can also save you the disappointment of being rejected.

Online Mortgage Brokers do the Work for You

Your online mortgage broker can check a lenders affordability requirement before applying for a mortgage. A good mortgage broker, like Davidson Deem, can also access rates that those who go directly to a lender would not be able to find. By using an online mortgage broker, you will get a better deal while also saving yourself the headache of applying directly to a lender.

Free Mortgage Advice with Davidson Deem

Davidson Deem are far from the only free online mortgage broker on the market. But we are not like some larger firms that offer free mortgage advice, Davidson Deem want to cultivate a long-lasting relationship with our clients. Instead of being passed from one advisor to another you will deal with one of the directors of Davidson Deem both now and in the future. Some of Davidson Deems clients have been with us for over 20 years, using our free online broker services for numerous mortgages.

Free Online Advice for Different Mortgage Products

Davidson Deem can offer free online mortgage advice* on:

  • First-time Mortgages
  • Re-Mortgaging
  • Moving property
  • Buy to Let
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Property Development
  • Mortgage

The range of mortgages available require different mortgage advice. Davidson Deem are a specialist mortgage broker who can offer the right advice for the type of mortgage you require. Because you will deal with the same director throughout your mortgage broker service you will be able to build a relationship with your advisor who will be able to help explain all the different terminology. Believing your online mortgage broker is essential for a successful partnership. Without this trust it will be difficult to be sure that your broker is getting you the best deal. With Davidson Deem you will get fee free advice about the mortgage product you need and an online mortgage broker you can trust.

Free Online Mortgage Brokers for Professionals

Free Online Mortgage Advice for Solicitors

Because Davidson Deem are a specialist mortgage broker, we can also source mortgages for those who may find it more difficult when going directly to a lender. For example, solicitors can have a base salary that does not reflect their true income with overtime and bonuses and therefore can be stuck with lower mortgages than they need. Using a free online mortgage broker can help solve this problem.

Free Online Mortgage Advice for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Our online professional mortgage brokers can also help doctors find the best mortgage. Whether you are training to be a doctor, or a highly experienced doctor, here at Davidson Deem our team of free online mortgage brokers can help you find the perfect mortgage for you and ensure you get the best deals and rates possible.

Specialist Free Online Mortgage Advice for All Professionals

Here at Davidson Deem, we have a team of specialist mortgage brokers that are trained in obtaining professional mortgages for solicitors and other specialist professions including company directors, high net worth individuals, doctors and junior doctors.

Other professions Davidson Deem can also help with include:

  • Dentists
  • Vets
  • Business directors

Whatever profession you are and whatever mortgage product you are looking for Davidson Deem can offer a free online mortgage broker service*. We will work for you to find the best deal while being completely transparent about the process. To get in touch with your free online mortgage broker contact us today.

*If your mortgage case is either very complicated or very urgent, or if the mortgage required is under £100,000, we may need to charge you a fee on top of the commission that we will receive, however, if this is the case we will inform you of this before we proceed with any mortgage advice or application. If none of these apply we will not charge you a fee for our service and you will received completely free online mortgage advice.