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Looking for a mortgage broker but are put off by exorbitant fees? Then get in contact with Davidson Deem today! We can provide you with fee-free* mortgage advice. We are specialist mortgage brokers that aim to get borrowers the mortgage they want and need. Give us a call on 01202 884 111 to speak to a specialist mortgage broker today.

Fee Free Mortgage Advice

We understand how stressful getting a mortgage can be, which is why we aim to help you find the best mortgage possible. We do this by getting in touch with a large variety of different lenders to give you as many different mortgage options. By using a mortgage broker, you get the best possible deal and at Davidson Deem, you get all the benefits of a great mortgage broker but none of the fees*.

Fee Free Mortgage Broker Service

Davidson Deem has always offered a fee-free mortgage broker service. We want to create a long-lasting relationship with our clients so are open and honest about the services we provide. We have helped the same clients for over 20 years with a variety of mortgage requirements.

We receive our payment through the lender, and therefore don’t think that charging extra to our clients for our mortgage broker services is necessary. When you are a Davidson Deem client, you get a fee-free* service and the best possible mortgage deal for you. It’s a win-win because no matter what, you will save yourself money.

Direct Dealings with a Free Specialist Mortgage Broker

Here at Davidson Deem we are a smaller firm that can give our customers the benefit of getting fee-free* mortgage advice from one of our directors. You will have the same mortgage advisor throughout the process. Some larger firms will pass customers around to different advisors so you never know who you will be speaking with. But with Davidson Deem you will be able to build a relationship with your specialist mortgage advisor reducing the stress that comes with buying a property.

Knowing that your specialist mortgage advisor will be with you throughout the whole process is what makes us the mortgage broker for you. Receiving quality fee-free* mortgage advice that you can trust makes the entire mortgage finding process simple. There are many mortgage products with terminology that is difficult to understand. It can also be uncertain if you will be accepted. A mortgage broker will be familiar with these aspects of mortgages and help guide you to the best product you will be accepted for.

Your fee free service will include the specialist mortgage advisor searching a multitude of products whilst keeping in mind your requirements.

Mortgages for Different Buyers

Depending on your circumstances you will require different mortgage advice. Davidson Deem will provide this professional mortgage advice fee free and tailor it to your specific requirements. So no matter whether you’re a newly qualified doctor or managing director of a business, you can be sure that we’ll find the mortgage for you with our fee-free* service.

Fee Free Mortgage Advice with Davidson Deem

Here at Davidson Deem we aim to find you the find the most attractive interest rates, however, peripheral terms and conditions in addition to the quality of service from the lender are also factors that we consider when finding you a mortgage. If you are still unsure if Davidson Deem is the professional mortgage broker for you then give us a call on 01202 884 111 and speak to one of our knowledge and friendly mortgage advisers.

*We reserve the right to charge a small fee (typically £300) if you are borrowing less than £100,000, this is due to the lower levels of commission received from the lender at this level.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mortgage Broker Fees

Do you pay a fee to a mortgage broker?

Many mortgage brokers will charge you for their services, depending on the type of mortgage product you are looking at or the value of the mortgage you are looking to secure.

However, here at Davidson Deem we don’t charge our customers a fee unless the mortgage value is less than £100,000 and instead, we receive a commission from the lender.

We are always upfront and honest about the cost of our mortgage advice and will always inform you if our advice comes with a fee.

Do all mortgage brokers charge fees?

No, as previously mentioned, here at Davidson Deem we offer fee-free mortgage advice for anyone looking at a mortgage value over £100,000. There are also many other mortgage advisers on the market offering a fee-free mortgage advice service.

Are mortgage brokers free?

Many mortgage brokers are free because they receive a commission from the lender or bank when a mortgage application is successful. This commission is often paid as a percentage of the value of the mortgage.

With this in mind, mortgage brokers work hard to achieve a mortgage that will work for you and that you will be successful in achieving.